“Anti-Money Laundering: Banking Practice Challenges” is a detailed guidance to aspects in AML/CFT for banks in Taiwan. This book reviews, firstly, domestic and international regulations, and introduces basic concept of Risk-Based Approach (RBA) and how to setup modernised AML compliance task force.

In 2018, APG came to Taiwan to conduct 3rd round mutual evaluation, and Taiwan was eventually given best rating category officially in 2019. As a result, this book also reviews, in a new independent chapter, APG result and gives direction for future advancement.

Features of this new 2nd edition (2019):

  • No rigid legal terms; not only interprets laws.
  • Not only lists regulation, but gives viewpoints from bank as a whole.
  • Aims at ‘Good Enough’; helps bank avoid being overwhelmed by rules.
  • Breaks ground from risk management; sets forth strategical AML implementation structure.
  • First hand review of APG 3rd round mutual evaluation.

Daniel Wang

Consultant in AML, CFT, compliance, and risk management fields. My previous roles includes AML investigator in Citibank, CDD & CRS operations in HSBC, and project management for AML & credit card fraud system implementation.

Anti Money Laundering: Banking Practice Challenges

Publisher Information:http://www.angle.com.tw/book.asp?BKID=11060&bkid_1=&KindID3=&KindID4=

Chapter 1/Preface
Chapter 2/Background of AML and Jurisprudence
Chapter 3/Project Management and Ground Work in AML
Chapter 4/Financial Crime Risk and RBA
Chapter 5/Rose by Any Other Name: Watch List Screening
Chapter 6/Who Leads Flamenco: Transaction Monitoring
Chapter 7/Love Hate Relationship: CDD
Chapter 8/APG 3rd Round Mutual Evaluation in Taiwan
Chapter 9/Hot Topics, International Trends, and What’s Next for Taiwan
Chapter 10/Conclusion & Acknowledgment

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